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July 25th, 1997 

It's 00:37hrs, June 9th, 2014. Monday morning. Something just dawned on me, I happened to be awake and I had a tab open on my Playbook, [Facebook] I saw a post referring to the numerous amount of flyers on Shekinah's website; one caught my eye in particular hence the title above.

I hope to see this day, so God spare life and July 25th comes. It would be my anniversary, Anniversary you say? Yes! This was the day that my journey began with Shekinah. If I be blatantly honest my journey started in the bath, okay, it started with a prayer in the bath. To shorten a very long story; I needed some money as things were dire at that particular moment in my life.

There was a talent contest which had a good amount of prize money. I was broke so it made perfect sense. I prayed and asked God for advice (I consider myself to be somewhat introverted in my nature). The response came via that still small voice, I write retrospectively, I mean how simple could it be! I guess at the time that wasn’t the case so the prompting by the Holy Spirit was good enough for me. 'If you want the money, you'll have to sing for it’

I called up, entered and went to the venue which was a place called Fitness First based in Edgbaston, Birmingham I believe. I sang for my supper, literally! The outcome was that the crowd voted from me and I won the competition, whoopee!

What I gained however was more than just £100, I gained experiences which I can only describe as life changing, this and so much more plus lifelong friendships and these are treasures which go way beyond monetary value. I'm not the same man that I used to be, I'm older, greyer, did I say older and greyer... Add forgetful to that list, okay I jest but in all truth I thank God for all the years, good and bad, highs and lows, one thing I can truly say is that God has never failed me yet. 

Its 01:11hrs and I'm about to wrap up... A thought just came to mind, what image or images would convey what I've just written? I don't have the immediate answer as yet, but I have a feeling it will bring back memories.

N.B. It’s approximately 12:02hrs on July 23rd and I’m just finished reading through my short testimonial, hoping that my grammar is up to spec and that what I’ve written is a true reflection of the things that were going on at that time. I’ve come to realise that the hardest part of this has been the images. If I be honest, I could write a piece on each picture. I would say this though. My favourite image has to be the one of Spanna & Rico when we used to do our sessions at 1Xtra with DJ Fitz. Memories indeed!


Darren Leopold Williams