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Round two... 

At the time of me writing this it's but a small number of days until June. The images which you're viewing were sent rather quickly to editor-in-chief, odd that, as I can have moments when I take forever and a day (editing, reflection and the odd procrastination amongst other things), I was able to send the images as they were. I just had a sense of peace about my selection.

So why so long with the write up? My answer is simply this... I needed some time to assess the whole experience. I just needed to let it soak in deep. Aylesbury was a blessing, it was more than just good, it was a memorable experience.

A word which springs to mind is 'consistency', I write this in the present tense as it's still a feature in my mind, in my humble opinion this is something that I witnessed from both of my fellow brothers in Christ, Jason Mighty and DJ Nicholas. The venue was a complete world away from George St, New Testament Church of God, yet the passion displayed by these two men as they performed was energetic with a reason and full of hope.

The fruits of the event is that there was much rejoicing in heaven as one sinner got saved, that is an individual became a born-again Christian. For me personally, this what it's about and it was more than worth the journey to be a witness to such a momentous occasion. Am I happy with the images? Yes! Was round two as good as the first, certainly...

Darren Leopold Williams