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In retrospect…

What can I say! It’s always good to look back and think over things and just contemplate. I’ve had my first experience of DJ Nicholas, not so with Jason Mighty; I had the pleasure of seeing him when he came to sing at NTCOG Handsworth on the last occasion.

From a photographical perspective I was somewhat familiar with Jason, so seeing him a second time round enabled me to plan in my mind how I would capture him during his performance, so far so great.

When it came to DJ Nicholas… I really don’t know if I have the words to describe my experience. Ahh… There is a saying, ‘man plan, God smile’, or maybe it’s ‘laugh’ where you come from. All I know is this, in all my planning; it was like that still small voice was just saying, in that wonderful Caribbean tone, ‘Nuttin nuh guh suh!’ I think God has a great sense of humour. My sweet LORD! The man was like a rocket… up and down the stage, up and down that stage. A few thoughts just popped into my mind regarding DJ Nicholas… Duracell/Energizer Bunny. The man is/was just so full of energy.

Now let me just clear up my issue… due to the environment being dark, I tend to shoot with a very nice manual focus lens which allows in a good amount of ambient light which means that I can make very nice images in spite of the lack of light. The downside of shooting with a manual lens was that when DJ Nicholas, who was full of fire and the Holy Ghost on this night, moved quick… I just wasn’t able to keep up. Now from a technical perspective I can do what is known as zone focusing which is when you set the focus within a certain parameter (1 meter, or 3 feet, for example) then the when the artist in question, DJ Nicholas comes into view, he would be in focus.

As I typed earlier above, ‘Nuttin nuh guh suh!’ This was a blessing for me to be honest as I was challenged and in certain respects limit but as with all challenges in life, they’re meant to be overcome. Now I’m not going to go down the road of the other saying which is… ‘A bad workman always blames his tools.’ No sah! What I have come to realise is that come round two I’m going to be well prepared for DJ Nicolas.

I spoke to DJ Nicholas afterward and told him how him super-fast. Looking back it was just so funny and such a blessing to see to mighty men of God minister as they did. I pray that God will continue to bless them and their families I’m looking forward to round two as this time I’ll be well prepared!

Darren Leopold Williams